Motherhood and Psilocybin: A Candid Conversation

Join host April Pride in a heartfelt conversation with guest Jennifer Chesak, author of “The Psilocybin Handbook for Women,” as they explore motherhood and psilocybin. Gain a raw and authentic perspective on the highs and lows of motherhood. Dive into discussions about consent in intimate relationships, effective communication, personal boundaries, and their impact on well-being. Learn valuable insights for navigating challenging discussions around sex, consent, and boundaries with partners, ultimately fostering growth and understanding.

Jennifer Chesak: The Psilocybin Handbook For Women, Part 2

PART 2 of 3 with guest Jennifer Chesak, author of the recently published The Psilocybin Handbook for Women. In this episode of The High Guide, host April Pride engages in a heartfelt and open conversation with guest Jennifer Chesak, delving into the world of motherhood and psilocybin. Jennifer offers a fresh, raw, and authentic perspective that resonates with all women concerning motherhood in every way. From the highs to the lows, this episode leaves no stone unturned.
After listening to this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Explore the nuances of consent in intimate relationships, how to communicate effectively, and the importance of enthusiastic and ongoing agreement.
  • Learn how to identify, communicate, and respect personal boundaries, fostering healthier connections and enhancing overall well-being.
  • Gain insights into navigating challenging discussions around sex and boundaries with partners, fostering mutual understanding and growth.
  • Discover how increasing your knowledge about sexual health, consent, and boundaries can increase confidence, better decision-making, and more fulfilling relationships.

Episode Guests

Jennifer Chesak is an award-winning freelance science and medical journalist, editor, and fact-checker based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work has appeared in Washington Post, Prevention, Verywell, Healthline, Health, Greatist, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, The Daily Beast,, B*tch, and more. Her coverage focuses on chronic health issues, medical rights, healthcare, harm reduction, and the scientific evidence around health and wellness trends, including cannabis and psychedelics.
Jennifer earned her master of science in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill. She currently teaches copyediting, technical writing, and media studies in the publishing program at Belmont University, leads various workshops at the literary nonprofit The Porch, and serves as the managing editor for the literary magazine SHIFT. In her free time, Jennifer, who is originally from North Dakota, can be found covered in mud out on a trail run or in her garden.

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Producer & Host: April Pride

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