Cannabis and Weed for Women's Mental Wellness and Health

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Curious about the potential of cannabinoids for emotional balance and health?

Join The High Guide Podcast host April Pride as she explores the potential of the cannabis family of plant medicines to foster a healthier mind. With her guests April explores how cannabis can play a pivotal role in stress reduction, relaxation, and overall mental wellness.

We explore the potential of “weed” and cannabis products to elevate mood, alleviate anxiety, and foster emotional resilience. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge that supports your journey towards a balanced and fulfilled life.

On this page you’ll find The High Guide’s articles on cannabis as well as the podcast episodes that touch on cannabis. Continue your journey with further reading on other psychedelics in our magic mushrooms and ketamine sections.

Blog Posts on Cannabis / Weed

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Cannabis for Women Podcast Episodes

The High Guide Podcast regularly features cannabis / pot / weed content designed for curious women.  These episodes cover a wide range of cannabis subjects including prominent women guests who share their knowledge and experience + expertise, deep dives into research, therapy, and…

Let’s dive into the term “strain” in microbiology, cannabis, and mycology, and uncover genetic, environmental influences, and terminology debates in species subpopulations.
Investigate the debate of CBD vs. THC for sleep in this episode. Gain insights into how cannabis compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system to influence sleep cycles. Discover strains promoting relaxation and sedation, explore CBD’s potential as a sleep aid, and hear real-life experiences to fine-tune your approach for better sleep.
Dive into the world of CBD, often referred to as “the cannabis that won’t induce a high.” Understand how CBD works within the body to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and manage stress. Explore firsthand accounts of individuals benefiting from CBD and learn about various CBD products and dosing strategies for optimal results.
Delve into the world of microdosing cannabis, where small doses of this versatile plant are used to achieve subtle yet impactful effects on well-being and functionality. Explore the fundamentals of microdosing cannabis, its potential benefits (e.g., creativity, focus, reduced anxiety), and real-life experiences of individuals who have embraced this practice. Get actionable advice on starting your own microdosing journey, including dosing strategies, product selection, and important considerations.
Host April Pride opens up about her personal experience with depression and cannabis dependency, triggered by the dissolution of her marriage. Explore the symptoms of Cannabis Use Disorder, harm reduction tools, and the overlooked signs of high-functioning depression.
Join a psychedelic audio journey with the intention to move away from toxic people and patterns that no longer serve you. Understand the symbolism of water in a trip, increase compassion, and learn to compassionately let go of what doesn’t serve you.
Discover how psychedelic therapy offers both a safe way to get high and a direct approach to addressing life’s challenges. Learn how to use insights gained during a journey to prepare for life’s inevitable ups and downs.
Embrace the New Year with love and intention through The High Guide’s final psychedelic audio journey. Envision, write, feel, and manifest your desires during a ritualistic trip. Learn to love yourself and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.
Join Natasha Lannerd and Tim Held in addressing trauma while listening to GUIDE #4. Learn how music helps guests move through challenging times and how intentions around psychedelics evolve. Give yourself permission to get comfortable with discomfort and overcome collective pandemic trauma.
Explore trauma processing with GUIDE #4, a journey by audio creator Tim Held. Understand how psychedelics can help identify and soothe trauma, even beyond the influence of plant medicine. Dive into the impact of trauma on our bodies and how psychedelics reduce fear.
This is the snappy short paragraph that is SEO optimized which we will use for excerpts in the carousels.Discover the resilience and innovation of women-owned cannabis brands in a challenging industry. Hear from female founders across NYC, VA, OAK, and SEA as they discuss the community they represent and the role of cannabis in women’s culture.
Explore the hallucinogenic qualities of cannabis and its potential as a psychedelic. Gain insights into the science behind cannabis-induced hallucinations, the differences between cannabis and traditional psychedelics, and what happens when cannabis meets substances like psilocybin and LSD.
Tackle the world of cannabis edibles and how to avoid negative experiences. Discover dosing with cannabis gummies, top weed gummy brands, tips for avoiding overdose, and the impact of gummy production on your cannabis high.
Dive into the world of cannabis tourism as we explore the transformation of California’s Emerald Triangle into a connoisseur-grade weed vacation destination. Uncover the influence of terroir on cannabis, discover international destinations for weed enthusiasts, and why California is leading the way in weed tourism.
Get expert advice from well-traveled women in the cannabis scene on safely and discreetly traveling with your stash. Learn about the legality of traveling with weed, essential items for a portable OTG stash, packing tips, and navigating the nuances of traveling with cannabis.
Discover the world of cannabis-infused beverages where innovation meets social acceptance. Learn about onset, ingredients, and dosage specific to cannabis beverages. Explore how consumers are reducing alcohol intake with cannabis beverages, the benefits of these drinks in avoiding hangovers, and trustable beverage brands.
Delve into the world of dabbing with Elise McRoberts, CMO of Doc Greens. Explore options for your concentrate set-up, including accessories and proper equipment. Compare classic torch and rig setups to modernized smart rigs, choose the right glass or quartz banger, and learn best practices for your next dab session.
Explore the world of cannabis concentrates in time for the 7/10 celebration. Learn about the significance of July 10, the difference between various concentrates, and why Live Resin and Live Rosin matter. Weed through the confusing types and terms of cannabis concentrates.
To dab or not to dab? Demystify dabbing with Elise McRoberts, CMO of Doc Greens, in this episode. Learn about cannabis concentrates, innovative products making dabbing accessible, and dispelling common stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding cannabis concentrates.
Join a live Clubhouse recording featuring LGBTQ+ leaders in cannabis advocacy. Learn about the integral role the LGBTQ+ community played in cannabis legalization, specific advocates, and how cannabis helps address trauma in marginalized communities. Get insights into cannabis products supporting sexual health.
Explore Aster Farms CEO Julia Jacobson’s insights on cannabis sustainability and her groundbreaking Sustainability Report from Spring 2021. Dive into the environmental advantages of outdoor cannabis cultivation, comparisons with other agricultural industries, the ongoing battle for resources with the wine industry, and how consumers can contribute to a greener cannabis sector.
Explore the environmental impact of the US cannabis industry, its challenges, and solutions. Discover how legislation affects sustainability, women-owned brands making eco-conscious choices, and innovative practices to reduce waste, from packaging to growers and producers.

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