Cannabis and Weed for Women's Mental Wellness and Health

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Curious about the potential of cannabinoids for emotional balance and health?

Join The High Guide Podcast host April Pride as she explores the potential of the cannabis family of plant medicines to foster a healthier mind. With her guests April explores how cannabis can play a pivotal role in stress reduction, relaxation, and overall mental wellness.

We explore the potential of “weed” and cannabis products to elevate mood, alleviate anxiety, and foster emotional resilience. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge that supports your journey towards a balanced and fulfilled life.

On this page you’ll find The High Guide’s articles on cannabis as well as the podcast episodes that touch on cannabis. Continue your journey with further reading on other psychedelics in our magic mushrooms and ketamine sections.

Blog Posts on Cannabis / Weed

The proverbial a-z list of the perfect cannabis sesh!
Edibles are a fun way to consumer cannabis, let’s consider how long the experience can last
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Let’s review some pro tips for consuming cannabis as a smokeable wax
So many pipe and bong products out there, which are the best glass products?
Tips for storing and maintaining freshness of your cannabis weed products at home and while on the go
A overview of the many cannabis major strains and their properties
A guide to extracting thc and making cannabis wax
A guide to cannabis lubes to enhance your sexual pleasure
An overview of the main cannabis terpenes categories worth knowing about
So much weed so little time–a guide to best ways to smoke cannabis weed
A profile on Vanessa Lavorato, host of Bong Appetit
Delta-8 gummies are great for treating anxiety, let’s review
A list of April Pride’s favorite cannabis terpenes varieties

Cannabis for Women Podcast Episodes

The High Guide Podcast regularly features cannabis / pot / weed content designed for curious women.  These episodes cover a wide range of cannabis subjects including prominent women guests who share their knowledge and experience + expertise, deep dives into research, therapy, and…

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