Unlocking the Potential of Microdosing Cannabis

Delve into the world of microdosing cannabis, where small doses of this versatile plant are used to achieve subtle yet impactful effects on well-being and functionality. Explore the fundamentals of microdosing cannabis, its potential benefits (e.g., creativity, focus, reduced anxiety), and real-life experiences of individuals who have embraced this practice. Get actionable advice on starting your own microdosing journey, including dosing strategies, product selection, and important considerations.
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Microdosing Cannabis: Exploring the Subtle Power of Small Doses

In this episode, we delve into the world of microdosing cannabis, where small doses of this versatile plant are used to achieve subtle yet impactful effects on well-being and functionality. Join us as we unlock the potential of microdosing cannabis and explore its myriad benefits.
After listening to this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Explore the fundamentals of microdosing cannabis, including what it is, how it works, and the science behind it.
  • Learn about the potential benefits of microdosing cannabis, eg creativity, focus, reduced anxiety, stress.
  • Listen to real-life experiences of individuals who have learned how to microdose cannabis.
  • Get actionable advice on how to start your own microdosing journey, including dosing strategies, product selection, and important considerations.

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April Pride, host : [00:00:00] Hey, it’s April Pride, your host here on the High Guide podcast. I’d like to take a moment to remind you that we do discuss cannabis and psychedelics, and this podcast is intended for audiences 21 and over. Also, I am not a medical expert. We do discuss interventions and protocols and you should consult your medical professional before moving forward with anything that we may discuss here on the show. Before we begin, I’d like to thank our show sponsor of like Minds. Check out of like Minds Co That’s of like minds mind. Esco To learn more about Seattle’s trusted source for psilocybin.

[00:00:43] Hi, everyone. Welcome to the High Guide. Cast. Welcome back. Other episodes.

April Pride, host : [00:00:48] All about women. Hey there. We’re happy to have you here. Today we’re going to talk about Microdosing, but this time we’re going to talk specifically about cannabis in the small doses of this versatile plant can have subtle yet impactful effects on well-being and functionality. And we’re going to look at those and a quick heads up for our listeners. The recording you’re about to listen to has a different sound quality of motherhood and magic mushrooms. We invite you to open your hearts and minds.

April Pride, host : [00:01:19] Some people need micro doses and so they only take a drop. And so you had to start low and slow with one drop for a week and then raise it to 2 or 3 until it took away your pain. And so people would talk about it. Everyone that had that condition would talk about it. And so there was a great support group. We even had a facilitators group so that if somebody was trying it for the first time and they were scared, a group of us would go over there and be there with them not getting high or using any of our own medicine, but just being there with them.

You just heard from Sherry Horn, the former mayor of Laguna Woods, California, and a cannabis advocate who helped seniors learn how to use cannabis, often by taking small doses to help with aches, pains and stress, taking small doses throughout the day to regulate pain or your mood is microdosing or, as we like to say here, at how to do the pot flying low. You’re not in the clouds, but you feel lighter light enough to float. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect state in which to ride out Covid Microdosing can refer to low dose THC or.

Speaker3: [00:02:48] Low dose THC with equal or greater parts of CBD and formulation to help you decipher what low dose actually means. Today we’re digging into ratios and percentages on cannabis labels. So think.

April Pride, host : [00:03:01] Of reading labels on cannabis.

Speaker3: [00:03:02] Products like a nutrition label. Your dietary goals dictate the ingredient you zero in on carbs, sugar, saturated fat. You get it. And you also get that your dietary goals change with cannabis labels. Your weed goals are not always the same. So how you read the label is determined by the ingredients you need to get your desired outcome because of the way. And just like not every diet is a winner, not every weed product is either. So please.

April Pride, host : [00:03:31] Be open to.

Speaker3: [00:03:32] Experimenting and experimenting with your best.

April Pride, host : [00:03:35] Low dose option.

Speaker3: [00:03:36] A tincture or vape pen gummies and some might mean spend the day floating things for several microdoses of CBD sprinkled with THC or the day is smoother, brighter and losing a child in that if you or someone you love. All of these things are so devastating, don’t eff it up by dosing her with more and not talked about. So as a society, we’re silent about these things and people are consuming legal.

April Pride, host : [00:04:00] Cannabis means.

Speaker3: [00:04:01] A new retail buying. So we shouldn’t do that somehow. We should be talking about these things. As the youngest African flamenco, said the dispensary in the.

April Pride, host : [00:04:09] U.s Hope Wiseman’s vision.

Speaker3: [00:04:11] Is proving a miscarriage. Or we were all doing some other type of situation, some tips for choosing or grief in general dispensary, she said. Sometimes not prepared to share.

Speaker4: [00:04:21] Details about your most recent experience with cannabis or what brand did you use? However dose did you take? How did it make you feel and did you enjoy doing a journey and like an integration after your desired.

Speaker3: [00:04:33] Outcome can be highly beneficial?

Speaker4: [00:04:35] I think we’re.

Speaker3: [00:04:35] Seeing this already.

Speaker4: [00:04:36] Just in terms of Grief dispensary that we’re seeing some research.

Speaker3: [00:04:41] Come out about how it can be helpful with grief. It was for me, I’ve only dealt with pet loss recently and I have lost some friends as well, but it was super beneficial to explore my grief during a psilocybin session. So again, not a magic cure, even though it says magic mushrooms. But certainly if we are doing the work again with integration afterwards, there’s some potential there for some serious help. Yeah, because.

April Pride, host : [00:05:05] We the ways that we are dealing with grief that we’ve been that have been approved for us to deal with grief in some way, meaning it’s just easier drinking being one of those ways or prescribed benzos which the rate of women drinking has increased significantly, which your book brought to my attention. April, here you’re up to our conversation with Jennifer because I wanted to add some details from her book. If you’re looking for a gentle and transformative psilocybin experience, let’s hook you up with an upright minds microdose. If that concept is new or in case you need a refresher Microdosing is the practice of taking an imperceptible or some might say perceptible dose of a psychedelic substance to enhance creativity? The focus and mood. And it just so happens of like minds makes two fantastic microdose offerings. First is of like minds microdose capsules. These little gems contain of 0.15g of psilocybin, carefully sourced from a trusted Seattle based supplier. This group has been extracting psilocybin for over three decades, so you know you’re in good hands. The strain we’ve chosen for these capsules is called Melmac, named after the planet from the beloved 80s sitcom Alf. The original Propagators goal was to transport you to another planet. Melmac is known for inducing a euphoric state which makes it ideal. If you’re seeking relief from depression and shout out to my Pacific Northwest people. Microdosing is great for seasonal affective disorder. In each package there are 20 microdose capsules. That’s a ten week supply. Note that the amount of benzos are often prescribed by your consciousness for a few hours with Starbucks, and oftentimes those male doctors are general practitioners and they’re not mental health specialists at all. They’re saying that after the opioid epidemic, microdose offerings are the next psilocybin bitters we will be facing. Now that we know that women have been prescribed at a much higher rate than men, and we’ve now got alcohol on the rise among women, it’s just so timely that we’re talking about these alternatives as there is no history of abuse potential, like psilocybin.

Speaker3: [00:07:21] Psilocybin. No. Yeah, there’s no real history of that at all. Yeah.

April Pride, host : [00:07:24] Giving you 15 weeks of microdosing, it’s hard for people to wrap their minds around the fact that I’m going to take a drug tripping capsule. And arbiters are right because it’s Microdosing is also packaged. If you packaged so backwards is incorrect for so long that to think that the thing that with the at the local grocery store is you’ve got some more bad to us if you live in Seattle you know that it’s been like personified where little mushrooms and people join us eyes rolling back it’s all trippy trippy that’s going to be what saves us. What I read in the book about stigma. And obviously I’ve been talking about women and stigma and using the high guide newsletter and stay in the loop. I have found that there’s less protocols in terms of my conversations around women choosing psilocybin rather than cannabis the way we’re all of like mine.

Speaker3: [00:08:13] I’m not sure. I feel like people are still having this stigma around all drugs in general, you know? And so I think psilocybin is part of that. And, you know, I do talk about in the book, I talk about, you know, people weaponizing women, children essentially against them. I interviewed Hillary Agro. She’s an anthropologist. She’s getting her PhD in that. And she looked into this extensively and she’s had her own experience where somebody reported her to Child Protective Services, the department of that in Canada, because she lives in Canada, because she’s very open about, hey, I’m a drug user and hey, we all are. If you’re drinking CBD and THC. Right. And that does help when consumed simultaneously, CBD naturally diminishes the effects and identifies as psychoactive effects. The intoxicating effect.

April Pride, host : [00:09:03] Of a 1 to 1.

Speaker3: [00:09:03] Formulation is most similar to a glass of champagne. Number three, about one, 1 or 20 times CBD to one part THC. The much.

April Pride, host : [00:09:15] Higher ratio of CBD means that the intoxicating.

Speaker3: [00:09:18] Properties of THC will be barely felt like after consuming a light beer a pilsner. A lot of people don’t. Number four, one Colon three.

April Pride, host : [00:09:29] Although most dual formulated products contain higher.

Speaker3: [00:09:32] Levels of CBD, you need.

April Pride, host : [00:09:34] To look out.

Speaker3: [00:09:34] For the opposite a.

April Pride, host : [00:09:36] Higher number after the.

Speaker3: [00:09:37] Colon. This is tricky and will result in three times the THC you are expecting with the.

April Pride, host : [00:09:43] Minimal amount of.

Speaker3: [00:09:44] Cbd to.

April Pride, host : [00:09:45] Level off any anxiety that.

Speaker3: [00:09:47] Might induce. It is a common.

April Pride, host : [00:09:50] Mistake to mix up the ratio. So just remember.

Speaker3: [00:09:52] Again the.

April Pride, host : [00:09:53] First number CBD. That’s not going to get you high. Second number is THC. That’s going to get you high. If that second number is bigger, you’re going to be high or number.

Speaker3: [00:10:05] 516% plus.

April Pride, host : [00:10:08] Thc.

Speaker3: [00:10:10] Flower.

April Pride, host : [00:10:10] And pre-rolls products with THC levels around 16 to 21% and less than 1 to 2%, CBD will induce very noticeable and mushrooms have extraction based goods like oil cartridges under much higher levels of THC listed on their labels. Because these are concentrated products is a little goes a long way over 22%. Thc is a mental commitment. At a minimum, mushrooms with the potential to induce serious anxiety. Sometimes it is fun to see if you are up for the challenge, but you need to know what you’re doing. All the we are getting in bed with 22% THC. Fruit bodies are cultivated and sourced in Seattle, where ublic minds is based. Today’s strains with just right ratios. Cdc 22 one from CBD to THC strain. It’s the first choice that I usually recommend to those who are newish to cannabis, and you can find it in dispensaries most everywhere. Cannatonic is a 1 to 1 strain, and it’s a quiet high that soothes your body and mind prevents and reduces inflammation. So you get a little bit of a balanced high and it does help with pain. But there’s the potent and intriguing penis envy. Harlequin consistently yields a 2 to 1 ratio, so two parts of CBD to one part THC. And it’s for people who don’t want to be getting high. It’s a great daytime strain. You can work without stress. You do understand that not everyone wants to. George tried mushroom. Maybe you’ve got a sensitive Microdosing is a super interesting topic. There are a lot of ways to microdose and just to do it.

April Pride, host : [00:11:49] So I do want to say from cannabis and psilocybin microdosing both in boosted mood microdose after focus. If you’re new to the world of psychedelic creativity, just. But there are a few effects specific to each plant whether you’re may help the pure one over the other. Psilocybin microdosing has shown of an edible or if you’re looking to take baby steps and neuroplasticity dosing which is the brain’s ability to reorganize and form new connections, explore a range of offerings, apparently helped read up on the experiences of others. And if you live in Seattle, migraines and cluster headaches for some of our you have chronic pain however and you might want to consider microdosing cannabis thc shipped via a third party carrier a gift. Both are critical to be able to have optimal you at your Seattle CBD to any sign up for the ublic minds newsletter and follow us on social media at people. Also report that THC upload doses, lessons or anxiety improves their mood opposite the paranoia that sometimes comes with high doses of THC people. Also microdose cannabis to combat insomnia or simply improve sleep, not decriminalize the word sleep court your right and you are just writing about to this cannabis and sleep, so keep your dial tuned to. Thanks for listening. I understand. Thank you as always for listening to the High Guide podcast and we’ll see you next time. Anyway, but still, you live in the Southeast.

Speaker3: [00:13:14] It’s a challenge here, obviously. I mean, we don’t even have legal weed essentially in Tennessee, which is just absolutely ridiculous. So it’s funny that my husband at this very moment is getting me weed at a dispensary in Illinois where it is legal because I rely on that medication for sleep and migraine prevention. And and he went because I’m too busy. So it is a challenge with the legal system that we have and I am a strong advocate for. We need to just decriminalize all drugs. And I know that sounds radical and something that Hillary Agro, whom I mentioned earlier, she’s a big advocate for as well. And the reason for that is when we criminalize something, all it does is create harm and secrecy. So if we are the reason that we have all of this fentanyl out there is really because if people were just using heroin, we would have less overdoses. So but they don’t. Heroin is illegal. Fentanyl is much easier to transport, easy to sell. And we can even go back and look at the era of prohibition. It wasn’t so. People prohibited booze. And what did that result in a bunch of moonshine that was really harmful to people. And so if we just decriminalize drugs and openly talk about that, we can have safe conversations about that in terms of what are the safe practices, how can I assure that the product that I’m getting is exactly what I ordered or what I’m what I want to take, What do I want to ingest? But when we are so secretive about it and criminalizing it, people can’t have a safe or I shouldn’t say they can’t have a safe experience, but that safe experience is challenged quite a bit.

April Pride, host : [00:14:56] Right. And even just getting safe information, right. You know what is real and is the person that’s telling me I’m going to feel this way and I should do it this way? Is their lived experience similar to mine? Am I going to get the same outcome because we’re going in with the same mindset, right? Like there’s just such a need for people who can benefit from one another because they do have shared life experience to find one another and to be able to talk about these things freely. But I think that’s right. That’s where the concern for legalities comes in. Yeah, we started I mention we started hosting these events in Seattle and this Tuesday was the second one. We had one two weeks before that. And I don’t know, I guess I thought that there were people meeting up all the time doing this underground. There apparently know that people are really, really searching for groups where they can openly discuss this and get more information. Nation and also just find like minded people so that they feel like they’re on the right path for themselves and that they’ve got support in that. So yeah, I think that decriminalizing this so people just feel like they can even talk about it without concern, right?

Speaker3: [00:16:00] All the hush hush. And I think that’s such a valuable part of the experience is that discussion afterwards with like minded people who’ve maybe gone through a journey, had some similar experiences, understand the constructs of what went on, you know, because when you start describing your own journey, which I do in chapter one of the book, you know, it’s what I’ve been talking about, that experience just in general circles with people who’ve not tried psilocybin. I feel like I sound extremely woo woo and there’s nothing against woo woo, but I’m very like scientific. And so people look at me like, But your science gen is what one of my friends calls science.

April Pride, host : [00:16:36] Gen.

Speaker3: [00:16:37] Right? And so do I sound insane when I’m talking about these things that happened during my journey? And so when you can share that with someone else who’s also gone on a journey, even though their trip is completely different, they understand that wow factor, those mystical experiences that you’ve had and they can help you navigate that.

April Pride, host : [00:16:56] Okay, This brings me into a part of your book that I think is really important, which is there’s research with cancer patients, and after six months, 80% of them still had significantly increased lifestyle outcomes. And again, we can get into all the specifics of the data, but what you point out is that the larger doses and the mystical experiences that were invoked by those are credited with having impact on those long lasting positive experiences. Because I feel like it’s microdosing that people are really putting in the bucket of therapeutic and if you do more, you go bigger. This is just for fun. And I think it’s really critical that people understand that when you consume a large amount of psilocybin and you have an experience that’s close to all or is all inducing, but that also can be quite life changing. Yeah, right. Yeah.

Speaker3: [00:17:54] And I do think that the I think the trip is a really kind of I mean, it’s not required, but I think that is where a lot of benefit comes from is doing the journey. The deeper journey doesn’t have to be a heroic dose, but maybe just kind of a medium or large dose to have that trip experience in a safe contained way can be highly beneficial because you will get some of those mystical aspects. This idea of what we talk about in terms of ego death, which can sound really scary, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s not like everyone loses their sense of self. It’s more that you can you lose that sense of, Oh, I’m so focused on me that I forget that I’m part of this big, beautiful universe and that can be so mystical and highly beneficial. And that idea of oceanic boundlessness where you feel very much at one with nature or perhaps animal cells that are around you or creatures that are around you, trees. And again, here I’m sounding all woo, but that feeling is incredibly valuable to understand that you’re not alone in this world. And one of the mystical aspects of my journey was feeling this sense that I was connected by a thread of light to everyone I know and love, who I know, loves and cares for me and supports me back. And feeling that sensation was so. It was one of the most profound things I’ve ever experienced and I’ve carried it with me and talked about it to these friends who I felt this connection to. And they’re like, I feel that too, right now. Talking to you, a really cool thing. Very valuable. I highly recommend it.

April Pride, host : [00:19:35] So, I mean, the look on your face if people are just listening. Yeah, definitely. It was it’s an experience that obviously was touching. And most people say that psychedelic experiences rank in the top three of their life. Right? So I’m glad. Yeah, I’m glad that you had that experience. We’ve got one more episode on psilocybin and women with Jennifer coming up. So stay tuned. And if you like this episode, be sure to check out the show notes where we’ve linked to our show sponsor of Like Minds Event Page. To learn more about tickets for Jennifer’s upcoming Q&A with me here in Seattle on November 15th. Space is limited, so RSVP ASAP. Join us in our next episode, the final chapter of this three part series. Thank you as always, for listening to the High Guide, and we’ll see you next time.

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