Ketamine and Women's Mental Health & Wellness

a woman with eyes closed relfecting on profound insights gained in ketamine therapy

We explore the Mental Health Benefits of Ketamine-assisted Therapy for Women

Delve into the therapeutic wonders and personal accounts of women exploring Ketamine-assisted therapy for mental health challenges, particularly for depression and dependency disorders.  

Episodes of The High Guide’s Ketamine series explore how ketamine can elevate mood, alleviate anxiety, and foster emotional resilience. Our mission is to empower you with knowledge that supports your journey towards a balanced and fulfilled life. 

I explore the science, women’s personal stories, and my own ketamine treatment experience so we can embark together on a transformative path to mental wellbeing, resilience, and vibrant living.

Ketamine for Women Podcast Episodes

The High Guide Podcast regularly features content designed for women who are curious about Ketamine for mental health and wellness. These episodes cover a wide range of ketamine subjects including prominent women guests who share their knowledge and experience + expertise, deep dives into research, therapy, and…

We discuss the role of integration work in reinforcing the neuroplasticity of ketamine, emphasizing its significance for effective psychedelic-assisted therapy and offering insights into best practices for post-treatment integration.
Dive into the importance of integration work in reinforcing the neuroplasticity created by ketamine. Hear from experts, including Wondermed Lead Clinician Lauren Swanson and Field Trip Health’s Seattle ketamine clinic director Dr. Bridget Carnahan, as they discuss the role of integration in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Discover practical post-treatment integration best practices, consistency, and its role in bringing intentionality to the psychedelic experience.
Gain a better understanding of treatable conditions and their impact on brain function. Explore the factors to consider when choosing between different types of ketamine-assisted therapy, such as potency, price, and integration protocols. Learn about various ketamine administrations and formulations, including IV, IM, sublingual, and nasal therapy clinics, along with insights into insurance options and cost.
Host April Pride shares her post-pandemic personal journey, highlighting her change of heart regarding ketamine-assisted therapy. Discover how ketamine treatments transformed her post-divorce depression and helped address daily cannabis dependency. Gain insights into the conditions ketamine successfully treats, its dissociative qualities, and the potential for abuse.
Host April Pride opens up about her personal experience with depression and cannabis dependency, triggered by the dissolution of her marriage. Explore the symptoms of Cannabis Use Disorder, harm reduction tools, and the overlooked signs of high-functioning depression.
Learn about the profound impact of ketamine-assisted therapy on post-divorce depression in this episode. Featuring Dr. Bridget Carnahan and Lauren Swanson, explore how ketamine influences brain chemistry to treat depression and addiction. Discover different types of ketamine and resources for those considering ketamine treatment.

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