Unlocking Neuroplasticity: Keys to Effective Ketamine Integration for Psychedelics

We discuss the role of integration work in reinforcing the neuroplasticity of ketamine, emphasizing its significance for effective psychedelic-assisted therapy and offering insights into best practices for post-treatment integration.
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Ketamine Pt 6 – Integration To Get The Most From Ketamine Therapy

Integration work such as journaling, breathwork, meditation, and time in nature help reinforce the neuroplasticity created by ketamine. Wondermed Lead Clinician Lauren Swanson and Field Trip Health’s Seattle ketamine clinic director Dr. Bridget Carnahan both argue that integration begins the real work of psychedelic-assisted therapy and share post-treatment integration best practices.
After listening to this episode, you will have a better understanding of:

  • Ways to encourage & what impedes neuroplasticity.
  • The importance of consistency in your integration practice
  • What to expect while integrating
  • Integration brings intentionality to a psychedelic experience

Episode Guests

Dr. Bridget Carnahan, Field Trip Health
Kaia Roman, Women’s Psychedelic Network
Lauren Swanson, Wondermed

Episode Resources & Additional Reading

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The Mental Health Benefits of Spending Time wth Friends and Family [LINK]
20 Simple Ways to Spend More Timewith Your Dog [LINK]

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Episode Credits

Producer & Host: April Pride

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