African Transkei Shroom Review

Delve into the African Transkei or SAT psilocybin strain with host April Pride. Gain insights into the potency, auditory and visual hallucinations, therapeutic dosing, and the origin of this rare African strain as April shares her personal trip report during a challenging period of her life.

African Transkei Shroom Review

In this first episode of our new series featuring psilocybin mushroom variety trip reports – or, as popularly called, shroom strains, host April Pride unpacks African Transkei or SAT and provides her personal trip report having called on this specific strain to help her heal during her year of divorce, depression, and dependency. 

After listening to this episode, you will have a better understanding of: 

  • The potency of Transkei varieties
  • The auditory and visual hallucinations that may occur
  • How to therapeutically dose psilocybin varieties
  • The origin of this rare African variety

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0:00:00.0 April Pride, host: Yes, to geometric shapes. Rainbow of colors woven almost like a lace curtain, and for me, the visuals were as if my windows had been framed in this beautiful lace that was rainbow colors.


0:00:21.1 April Pride, host: Hey, I’m April Pride, your host on the High Guide podcast. This is the show for women who have an open and curious mind, and this is a show all about women changing their lives, thanks to altered states of consciousness. And today I’m excited to share this bonus series with you that I’ve been wanting to bring to life for quite some time called Shroom Strains. This bonus series features psilocybin Shroom Strain reviews from the high guides website. Where in addition to our free download guide to psilocybin, we provide collective information on some of the most popular shroom strains, just like SAT which we’ll hear about today, and also including golden teacher, which I describe as Fisher Price, my first shroom strain and Albino Penis Envy or APE, a derivative of what is thought to be the most potent cubensis strain, Penis Envy. A member of the Psilocybe cubensis species, Transkei originates from the coast of South Africa, so it would be quite a bit more intense than most other strains reports from users include both closed-eye and open-eye visuals described as dancing lights and geometric shapes.

0:01:23.6 April Pride, host: The Transkei is a mushroom for experienced users as it packs a bit more psilocybin punch than many other species. As with most psilocybin-producing fungi, African Transkei produces in the psychonaut a sense of connection to the world and the people in it. At the end of one of my journeys, I sat by the window, and I live on the 12th floor of a building, right? So I get some birds, but I don’t get a lot of birds, and there were three, I’m not joking, we’ll call them little, they’re mere probably normal-sized, but three little birds, just like the Bob Marley song, sitting there and they were singing as this was wrapping up, yet I still had the dancing lights, the geometric visuals in the rainbow of colors, as I’m drying my tears and just feeling so close to everything, both inside of me and in the outside world.


0:02:22.0 April Pride, host: They’re also known for being sensation-enhancing mushrooms that can alter the way you perceive sound and visuals, produce geometric shapes as well as dancing light perception. The African Transkei is better known as SAT or South African Transkei and is thought to be the only strain that originates in this traditionally hot and dry part of the world. The mushroom was discovered at low elevations on the southeast coast of the country where it meets the Indian Ocean. Considered a modern strain, the mushroom was first identified in 2002, there’s little information about its lineage before this. The African Transkei shrooms are especially potent. Higher doses can have a profound effect on physical ability, and with any high dose, trip can produce periods of dissociation. As this strain is somewhat more potent than others, it’s important to be clear about your intentions going in, depending on your dose, you may just want to take a small amount, enhance a quiet night in, or a heroic dose of more than five grams which we’ll send you off planet, regardless of your intention, always make sure that you’re using mushrooms in a safe environment, the African Transkei is not the best choice for beginning psychonauts or for those using mushrooms to explore mental health concerns.

0:03:38.2 April Pride, host: It’s important to note that if you have been diagnosed that you should consult with your doctor, before ingesting psilocybin or any other psychedelic substance, and if you’ve had an episode in the last year that is especially important, the effects in a word of the SAT strain are emo. The African Transkei is an emo-inducing psilocybin mushroom strain. So many tears from this girl. Then as I come down, my tears are also coupled with smiles and laughter, inspired by the wonder of it all, the fact that we live it, we live through it and we live on. It’s tragic and beautiful, and that’s the type of magical thinking this strain produces, these Shrooms are also known for their sensation-enhancing effects, altering the way that sounds and touches are experienced, though higher doses, this can cause balance problems. In higher doses, some users have reported synesthesia, the feeling of being able to see through time, and dissociation from consensus reality. The appearance of these strains. SATs, are medium in size, and the younger mushrooms produce orange or brown caps, the ones that I’ve taken are more like a rust color. The stem is off-white and it’s gnarled as a result of the drying process, and you’ll find pictures of this strain on our website.


0:04:58.2 April Pride, host: The duration. Okay. Onset begins 10-40 minutes, and if you’ve downloaded our guide to psilocybin, you know there are various ways to prepare the shrooms so that if you want to consume as a lemon tek shot, which will also shorten the duration and increase intensity. Onset begins 10-40 minutes after ingestion, and how you ingest it if that onset is faster or if it’s gonna take a little bit more time. Again, you can check out our guide to psilocybin for various ways to prepare your shrooms. In my experience with SAT, I dosed at two grams on three separate journeys, and it is a four-hour start-to-finish experience every time. Dosing. African Transkei is known for its intensity by experienced trippers, so it should be approached cautiously by novice or first-time psychonauts. The shroom is known for slight visual hallucinations at lower doses, while the higher doses can cause dissociation and wild hallucinations. SATs are not recommended for new users, and experienced users should exercise caution with this potent medicine. When I prepare the strain for anybody, including myself, I suggest a standard dose of two grams which guarantees that you will, “feel something” but “Not go too far.”


0:06:17.9 April Pride, host: I leave you with today’s trip tips. Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and children. Consult your doctor if you’re taking an anti-depressant, including SNRIs, which actually appear to reduce the effects of psychedelics and have been reported to impact how each dose affects you. I take an SNRI daily and I do skip on the day I consume non-microdose psilocybin, resuming my meds on the next day. This is not advised by medical doctors. And please remember that I am not one. Note: Potency of individual mushrooms can vary remarkably, even within members of the same species. No dose is going to be exactly the same, even when amounts are measured very carefully. Thank you for listening to this episode of High Guide. I’m your host, April Pride. Tune in next Friday when we pick back up with this season’s focus on ketamine and how women are changing their lives thanks to altered states of consciousness. And keep an eye on our audio feed for more many bonus episodes like this covering shroom strains. You can also check out our website,, where you’ll find our guide to psilocybin.


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