Sister Tripper Meryl Montgomery: BARBARI and Healing

Explore the journey of Sister Tripper Meryl Montgomery, co-founder of BARBARI, with facilitator Liv Vasquez. Discover tips for preparing psychedelic mushrooms, the impact of mindset, dietary recommendations, and setting intentions for a transformative shroom experience.

Integration 5: Give Yourself Your Best Self

This episode’s Sister Tripper is Meryl Montgomery, the co-founder of BARBARI, which produces organically grown CBD-rich hemp flower pre-rolls and THC spliffs formulated with small batch herbal smoking blends. Her facilitator for this integration is Liv Vasquez, a trauma-informed intuitive healer, chef and activist in Portland Oregon. Liv developed the Healing for Healers program in 2017 as a way to help psychics, mediums and empaths step into their power using psychedelics. As a lifelong practicing witch Liv has studied plant medicine cultivation, science, absorption and effect and believes in their life changing and life saving effects.
Featuring Meryl Montgomery of BARBARI and Liv Vasquez, a trauma informed intuitive healer, chef and activist
After listening to this episode you will have a better understanding of…

  • Preparing psychedelic mushrooms to reduce stomach upset and/or increase potency
  • How mindset shapes a psychedelic experience
  • What to eat in the days and hours prior to tripping
  • Setting an intention to shroom

Episode Guests

Meryl Montgomery // @meristotle_
Liv Vasquez // @livviesmalls

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