Ketamine Integration: Reinforcing Neuroplasticity

Dive into the importance of integration work in reinforcing the neuroplasticity created by ketamine. Hear from experts, including Wondermed Lead Clinician Lauren Swanson and Field Trip Health’s Seattle ketamine clinic director Dr. Bridget Carnahan, as they discuss the role of integration in psychedelic-assisted therapy. Discover practical post-treatment integration best practices, consistency, and its role in bringing intentionality to the psychedelic experience.

Ketamine Pt 5 – Different Types of Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

With a better understanding of treatable conditions and how it affects brain function, choosing between different types of ketamine-assisted therapy hinges on potency, price, and integration protocols.
After listening to this episode, you will have a better understanding of:

  • Different types of ketamine administrations and formulations
  • How modality (IV, IM. sublingual) impacts onset, potency, and overall experience
  • More about ketamine nasal therapy clinics including insurance options
  • Ketamine nasal spray cost as compared to other forms of administration

Episode Guests

Dr. Bridget Carnahan, Field Trip Health
Kaia Roman, Women’s Psychedelic Network
Lauren Swanson, Wondermed

Episode Resources & Additional Reading

Online Ketamine Clinics Face Tougher Times After Covid-Era Boom [LINK]
The High Guide to Ketamine, a Comparison [LINK]

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Episode Credits

Producer & Host: April Pride

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