Women in Weed: Expert Tips on Glass Bongs and 420 Wisdom

420 Pro Tips from Women who Smoke Weed

In this inaugural episode of The High Guide, creator and host April Pride introduces us to the women working in weed who prefer to smoke flower and also know a lot about smoking from glass bongs…and glass water pipes, and glass bubbler pipe. They also know 420 tips for how to pick a bong & cleaning glass bongs.

Featuring Maggie Connors of besito, Raeven Duckett of JOHNNIE, Vanessa Lavorato of Marigold Sweets, Kate Miller of Miss Grass, Verena Von Pfetten of Gossamer, and Lauren Yoshiko of Brocolli Talk.

After listening to this episode you will have a better understanding of…

  • 420 tips from women who work in weed including what they do while high
  • Types of bongs: glass bongs, glass water pipes, glass bubbler pipe
  • Cleaning glass bongs, glass water pipes, glass bubbler pipe
  • How to pick a bong (hint: keep it simple!)

Episode Guests

Maggie Connors | @besito.la
Raeven Duckett | @raeven_elyse
Vanessa Lavorato | @vanessamarigold
Kate Miller | @missgrass
Jen Seo | @jseoo
Verena Von Pfetten | @vonverena
Lauren Yoshiko | @laurenyoshiko

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Podcast Episode Full Transcription

April Pride: This podcast discusses cannabis and is intended for audiences 21 and over.

April Pride: We talk about weed a lot on this show, obviously, but we’ve never talked about it quite like you’ll hear in today’s episode. Hey, this is April Pride. As of today, the inaugural and former host of “How to do the Pot”. As a creative, I’ve spent most of the past year developing the content and designing the look and feel of this podcast as a brand, as presented on our website and social and of course the newsletter. But today marks my first foray into audio design. Thanks to lively conversations with women who can only be described as high guides, I’ve weaved a story around what I describe as all things associated with the quote, “Heritage High.” Like preferring to smoke cannabis flower as a joint, or pre-roll, or from a bong.

April Pride: What I hope is clear is that the women who choose to smoke weed are not one type of woman. The women who choose to smoke weed each have their own style, preference, and OG advice to keep the art of getting high chic and easing. This audio is meant to be fun, if not slightly off putting while your ears adjust. I bet you’ll want to listen at least once while you’re high and more than once, just for fun. Let me know what you think, because there’s lots more where this came from. So much, in fact, I’m developing a new audio experience for our listeners to enjoy by following my new show, The High Guide, wherever you listen to podcasts like this one. So thank you to our loyal listeners for supporting the first 59 episodes of “How to do the Pot” with me as your High Guide.

Kate Miller: I am Kate Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Miss Grass, which is a cannabis brand on a mission to make you smart about weed. I am a functional high.

Maggie Connors: I’m Maggie Connors. I’m the founder and CEO of Busick Dope, and I started growing this year at home.

Vanessa Lavarado: Hi, this is Vanessa Lavarado from Marigold Sweets. I’m always high.

Lauren Yoshiko: I am Lauren Yoshiko, and I’m a writer who’s based in Portland, Oregon, and I can be found in Broccoli Magazine. I’m a definitely a bong girl.

Raeven Duckett: My name is Raeven Duckett. I am a founder of Community Gardens. We have a delivery and distribution license. I like to smoke joints.

Verena Von Pfetten: I’m Verena Von Pfetten. And I’m the co-founder of Gossamer. The tagline for Gossamer is, “For people who also smoke weed.” I’ve smoked for almost over 20 years now.

Jen Seo: My name is Jennifer Seo, people call me Jen, and I am the brand manager at Kiva. I’ve been kind of exploring my journey. My ultimate like favorite, favorite thing to do is smoke.

Vanessa Lavarado: I would be smoking right now if I could. Smoking is great for when I am going about my day to day activities. It doesn’t last as long, so I it’s not as much as a commitment.

Maggie Connors: And I really feel so lucky that I’m able to incorporate cannabis into my daily life.

Kate Miller: A lot of my girlfriends love and smoke cannabis flower all day, and definitely at night. I do smoke cannabis flower at night, pretty much every single night.

Maggie Connors: That’s the end of the day, a joint that I’ve rolled with my home grown cannabis flower, and kind of resetting and reflecting, and having some quiet time at the end of the day, is my kind of sacred moment with cannabis. That’s how I was introduced to cannabis as a teenager. And really most of my life has been consuming cannabis flower. cannabis flower will always be my first and foremost.

Jen Seo: I really like cannabis flower. If I’m going to smoke, I usually like to smoke cannabis flower.

Kate Miller: That is my preferred way. I’m a flower girl.

April Pride: The thing about cannabis flower girls, we always seem to find one another.

Verena Von Pfetten: I think I’ve made the fastest, closest friends with people through weed. And I’m also a very, very social consumer. So I love doing it with friends. They’re just still new to the whole social high.

April Pride: Once in a while, I’ll be with a friend and it’ll be like, “Oh, can you roll?” And I’m like, “Fuck yeah I can.” Or sometimes if I like put a couple of like strains in there I’m like, “Oh, you’re like making a little salad.” I’ll just roll it. Then I just smoke it. And it’s like, it’s that little extra kick if you just want something a little stronger, and it just adds a little like flavor. I like to call it like a little mini salad.

Lauren Yoshiko: I love rolling spliffs, and joints, and the like, and the experience of smoking together. The fun of grinding it together and the whole process is not lost on me. But like day to day when I get home at the end of a long day, and honestly, when I wake up in the morning, and any time in between is a bong I reach for.

April Pride: Tell us more. What kind of bong, Lauren?

Lauren Yoshiko: I can’t handle the silicone bong. They just are so ugly and they… I want glass. It needs to be just clean. Tell me it is normal, pure glass. I only want to taste weed. I don’t want to taste anything else. And like the extra add-ons, and extra filters, and percolators and all that, I don’t need. I just want a simple bong. It’s a small enough size that it doesn’t intimidate my mom too much if she wants to try a hit before bed, when she visits me.

April Pride: Not everyone’s mom is as down as Lauren’s, and not every woman who’s into cannabis flower, is into bongs.

Raeven Duckett: It would never be like taking the bong or whatever.

April Pride: And not every woman who’s into cannabis flower is into weed in the morning, but for those of us who are Maggie offers this.

Maggie Connors: So the Ringo Starr often is a nice wake and bake.

April Pride: So what else are women up to after lighting up?

Raeven Duckett: I do everything high. Honestly, I do my makeup high. When I do my makeup high, it’s like a better outcome, because like, I feel like I’m outside the box. Kind of like thinking outside the box, so that’s always good. I do definitely smoke before I do my makeup. I smoke before I do work that like includes like, numbers, like Excel sheets, like emails, sometimes. Like things where I have to like have a quiet mind that’s focusing only on like one thing. I smoke before I cook.

Jen Seo: When I get really hungry and I’m stoned, I like get really into cooking, like just cooking a meal. I actually really like to be active while I get stoned too.

Vanessa Lavarado: I just like to be a little bit more chill.

Maggie Connors: I have a nice Saturday ritual of enjoying Ringo Starr joints and my favorite yoga class, down the block. And that’s kind of my church I say. But rituals that we set and kind of relaxed my body, mind and soul.

Kate Miller: So I’m smoking before I work. I’m smoking to get creative. I’m smoking to like get in a flow and journal. I’m smoking to clean.

April Pride: Okay. Say Kate smokes and wants to clean her glass goods like pipes, bowls, bongs. What’s your advice on cleaning her glass, Lauren?

Lauren Yoshiko: All the 420 cleaners and all those store bought brand cleaners are bullshit. I just want it to be like really easy to clean too, with rubbing alcohol and salt. I firmly believe that you only ever need like the highest possible percentage of rubbing alcohol and salt. Like no kosher, just plain salt. Like the technique is all about putting that salt a bunch, and a bunch of alcohol, and then basically shake weight the shit out of that bong with your paper towel in both ends. Don’t forget. And your bowl piece should probably soak in that alcohol for like a long time, and give it a few shakes. So I actually put my bowl piece in a little zip lock.

April Pride: And what is a bowl? Okay. It’s where you pack ground cannabis flower. And remember to always grind your cannabis flower, but before packing it with ground cannabis flower, you can place a small piece of cannabis flower into the bowl that serves as… Think of it as a plug. So you don’t suck through the small bits of ground weed before you can take a proper hit. And remember if you’re sharing, I should say, when we’re sharing again, corner the bowl. Meaning take the lighter to one corner of the packed cannabis flower rather than torch it from the center. Take it from someone who’s done it incorrectly. It ensures a fresher hit for your friend, but with a bowl you can pack a bowl light and make it a selfie, which means you can combust the whole thing with just the right amount for you.

Lauren Yoshiko: You can totally control how much weed you use in a little tiny bowl, and you don’t have to dedicate yourself to a whole joint and get too high. So I like it, because you just make yourself whatever size bowl you need. I was way healthier and way more efficient on the wallet. I truly believe like, it’s the perfect way to smoke weed.

April Pride: And Lauren is a woman, as are all these women, you can trust to share their perfect ways to enjoy cannabis. A big thanks to each and every one of the women featured here today. Make sure you check out the show notes so you can find out where to find them, and I hope you enjoyed this episode.

Episode Credits

Producer & Host: April Pride Audio Engineer: Nick Patri, Cloud Studios Theme music: Cheri Dub, Morris Johnson

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