Unlocking the Heart: Kanna's Transformative Power with Stephanie Wang

Explore the world of kanna, nature’s ancient “love drug,” in this episode featuring Stephanie Wang, CEO and founder of KA!. Learn about KA!’s 30-Day Kanna Microdose “Journey Into the Heart” group experience, centered around the transformational power of daily kanna with facilitation and activations. Discover the benefits of kanna, its potential to combat isolation, and how it’s being used for improved focus, creativity, and patience. Use code HIGHGUIDE for a 10% discount on KA!’s products.

Kanna, Nature’s MDMA

In this episode of The High Guide podcast, we investigate nature’s MDMA, kanna. While MDMA was first synthesized by Merck in 1912, our plant ally kanna is nature’s ancient “love drug.” One of the most exciting brands in psychedelics today is bringing its heart-opening wisdom into the lives of those around the world – legally. Stephanie Wang – CEO and founder of KA! – shares more in this episode.
Listen & learn how to join KA!’s 30-Day Kanna Microdose “Journey Into the Heart” group experience centering the transformational power of daily Kanna with facilitation and activations starting 1/14/24. Visit KA!’s website and enter HIGHGUIDE at checkout for 10% OFF all products.
After listening to this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • KA’s tincture and gummies with the active ingredient kanna, a non-scheduled, legal to ship & consume plant-derived product.
  • Kanna as the antidote to our isolation epidemic.
  • How this empathogen is inciting many to live with greater heart and – for some – fewer prescription medications.
  • How some are using this plant ally for improved focus, increased creativity, and patience.

Episode Guests

Stephanie Wang, CEO & Founder of KA!

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KA! Empathogenics [LINK]

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