Psychedelics for Healing Trauma: A Profound Potential

Embark on a transformative journey into the groundbreaking realm of using psychedelics to heal trauma in this episode. Explore the ancient origins of psychedelics for trauma healing, backed by groundbreaking studies and brain science. Hear personal accounts from individuals who have experienced profound healing through psychedelic therapy. Uncover the potential of these powerful substances to address and heal deep-rooted trauma.
a woman ruminating over insights from a therapy session using psychedelic medicines

Healing Trauma with Psychedelics

In this transformative episode, we delve into the groundbreaking realm of using psychedelics to heal trauma. Join us as we explore the profound potential of psychedelic therapy for trauma healing.
After listening to this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Ancient origins of psychedelics to heal trauma
  • Groundbreaking studies underpinning the resurgence of psychedelic therapy for trauma healing
  • The brain science behind healing trauma with psychedelics
  • Personal accounts of individuals who have undergone psychedelic therapy for trauma healing

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Producer & Host: April Pride Audio Engineer: Nick Patri, Cloud Studios Theme music: Cheri Dub, Morris Johnson

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