New Year, Self-Love: The Final Psychedelic Audio Journey for 2021

Embrace the New Year with love and intention through The High Guide’s final psychedelic audio journey. Envision, write, feel, and manifest your desires during a ritualistic trip. Learn to love yourself and manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.
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Journey 5: Best Year Yet

In the New Year, all you need is love. Take in The High Guide’s final psychedelic audio journey for 2021 with a clear intention for what you want the year ahead to look – and feel – like. Envision it, write about it, feel it, and manifest it during a ritualistic trip. Forgive yourself for feeling the feels during this particularly rough year, pay your respects to your mind and body, and release the pressure you’ve been putting yourself under. Listen as you transform into a new you.
Composed by Andy Reichel, the intention for this week’s episode -or should we say for the upcoming year – is “This year I love myself the most!” Why not spend a time under the influence of potent plants giving yourself the love you deserve?
Featuring music to trip to composed by Andy Reichel, Composer and Monster Planet collaborator
After listening to this episode you will have a better understanding of…

  • Why loving yourself is the first step on the path to true love
  • How to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams

Episode Guests

Journey composed by Andy Reichel // @gelsol

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Journey composed by Andy Reichel // @gelsol Producer & Host: April Pride Audio Engineer: Nick Patri, Cloud Studios Theme music: Cheri Dub, Morris Johnson

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