Mastering CBD Marketing: Insights from Paradigm Media Agency

Join Paradigm Media Agency’s co-founders Lior Root and Sophia Trunzo as they unveil the 3 rules of the Paradigm Playbook in this episode. Gain insights into how cannabis and CBD brands are leveraging digital marketing for success. Learn best practices and strategies to digitally promote and market your CBD and cannabis brands.

Selling CBD Online

Many listeners to The High Guide also work in cannabis and are also women, Paradigm Media Agency is creating benchmark strategies to successful market and sell CBD online by leveraging their combined experience in email marketing, SEO, content creation and social. In this episode, Paradigm’s co-founders Lior Root and Sophia Trunzo outline the 3 rules of the Paradigm Playbook – best practices and insight to digitally promote market your CBD & cannabis brands.
After listening to this episode you will have a better understanding of…

  • How cannabis and CBD brands are using digital marketing
  • Best practices and insights to digitally promote CBD & cannabis brands

Episode Guests

Lior Root | @lior_root
Sophia Trunzo | @sophiatrunzo

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Producer & Host: April Pride Audio Engineer: Nick Patri, Cloud Studios Theme music: Cheri Dub, Morris Johnson

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