Psychedelic Mushroom Strains - Albino Penis Envy

Dive into the unique characteristics of Albino Penis Envy, a visually striking strain revered for its intense effects.

Penis mushrooms hit hard.

Albino Penis Envy

STRAIN | Albino Penis Envy aka A.P.E.

Although many shrooms claim to be “more potent than usual,” only one is so infamous that it’s changed the phrase “A cube is a cube” to include “…except for Penis Envy.” Also known as PE, these so-called “penis mushrooms” have a history full of interesting twists, and are consistently reported to be magnitudes stronger than other psilocybin-containing mushrooms. When PE was crossed with – most likely – Albino A+ Psilocybe cubensis, the result was a strain more potent than the most potent. When you’re looking to buy Penis Envy cubensis, exercise caution!

SPECIES | Psilocybe cubensis

ORIGIN | The legendary origin of this species has famed psychologist and psychonaut Terence McKenna stumbling across a patch of the “penis mushrooms” while on one of his forays in the Amazon. McKenna brought spore prints back to the U.S., one of which found its way into the hands of mycologist Rich Gee who cultivated the fungus for us into its familiar phallic form.

POTENCY | As we said above, many shrooms report to be potent though Albino Penis Envy has an actual claim to the title. Psychedelic researchers at Oakland Hyphae all but confirmed during its Annual Psilocybin Cup that Penis Envy can be between 50-100% stronger than other varieties. Some growers, and those who buy Penis Envy cubensis, suggest that the Albino variety may be even more potent.

INTENTION | I cannot stress enough that Albino Penis Envy is for the advanced psychonaut only. Even then it should be approached with caution and reverence. As with all mushroom experiences, I highly recommend making sure you’re in a safe place when experiencing APE. As a particularly potent mushroom, it may also be advisable to have a trip sitter with you, someone who can help you through what may become a very intense experience. After such an experience, it can take some time to integrate any revelations. Don’t rush yourself.

EFFECTS | Effects of the penis mushrooms are similar to those of other shroom strains, though highly intensified. Visual hallucinations err on the “wavy” side of things, rather than the geometric patterns that are common with other strains. The high is also described as “clean” by some trippers, with less heaviness or lethargy in the body. This leads to feelings of euphoria and out of body experience. As APE is generally a more potent strain, in my experience even lower doses can lead to the sorts of dissociative experiences that are more typical of Strong or Heroic doses. Again, exercise caution in exploring penis mushrooms.

Penis Mushrooms

APPEARANCE | The Albino Penis Envy is named…well, because it looks like a penis. As Hamilton Morris brilliantly reports in his podcast episode entirely dedicated to this strain, Mycologist Rich Gee is said to have shown them to a group of Seattle strippers who claimed they looked like “donkey dongs.” Gee asked if they had penis envy, and the name stuck. The Albino variety has a very light coloring in stems and caps, and bruises a dark blue when damaged – a sign of a potent shroom. [LISTEN TO EPISODE >>>>FOR MORE INFO ON BRUISED SHROOMS]

DURATION | Albino Penis Envy’s intense trip lasts about 6 hours. Effects become noticeable in the usual 30-60 minute window that is usual for P. cubensis.

DOSE | When you buy Penis Envy cubensis, be aware that it is the mushroom that even experienced psychonauts look at with caution. Although there’s no way to guarantee the potency of any particular mushrooms, APE is consistently reported to be some magnitudes more potent than most other psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Those beginning to experiment with these infamous fungi may want to step down to a lower dose than usual while becoming accustomed to the Penis Envy’s effect.

THE MUSEUM DOSE: While this strain is not intended for microdosing, A.P.E. is great for ‘museum doses’ – 250-500mg capsule invites increased openness to be social, go to the museum to be lost in the art, or go outside to embrace nature.




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Excellent (& rather long) Hamilton Morris episode revealing the Seattle connection to this world-famous shroom.

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