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Uncover the potent and captivating world of the Thrasher psychedelic mushroom strain in this informative article, delving into its unique characteristics and the intense psychedelic experiences that make it a standout in the realm of psychedelics.
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Fast onset, long-lasting trip.

Thrasher PE shroom strain

STRAIN | Thrasher PE aka Thrasher

When finding psychedelic mushrooms in Northwest states, the Thrasher PE (Penis Envy) is an β€œexceptionally stable” choice. Thrasher is a variant of a variant, originating with the Homestead or Melmac PE (named for the home planet of the titular alien in the sitcom ALF) strain of the Penis Envy mushroom. The name Homestead comes from an early 1980s spore vendor in the Pacific Northwest, where the Penis Envy mushroom is thought to have originated.

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SPECIES | Psilocybe cubensis

ORIGIN | Thrasher is a variation of shrooms to buy that has origins in the early journeys of Terence McKenna in the Amazon. The spore print of the phallically-shaped fungus made its way to a psychedelic researcher named Richard Gutierrez, or Richard Gee, who spent years in his personal lab perfecting the Penis Envy. Gutierrez is a strange and reclusive man whose scientific knowledge created one of the most popular choices for those who order magic mushrooms online, and whose earlier lab work contributed to Nobel Prize-winning research.

POTENCY | Despite being a Penis Envy derivative, Trasher PE is a mild-potency magic mushroom. For comparison, the same cultivator tested Thrasher at 1.0% psilocybin versus Hillbilly at 0.6% versus Albino Penis Envy at 1.9%.

INTENTION | All trips begin with the intention to buy shrooms, or to order magic mushrooms online. After that, you may be microdosing to help with daily life, or taking a heroic dose and leaving the planet. Regardless of intention, when using Thrasher PE make sure your β€œset and setting” are good. It’s good to know what your goals are going into the trip. Perhaps take 1.5 – 2.5g and settle into a deep 60-90 minute meditation.

EFFECTS | The Thrasher PE produces many of the β€œtypical” effects of psilocybin-containing mushrooms. If you’re set on finding psychedelic mushrooms in Northwest regions with great visual effects, users report β€œfractals, geometric patterns, and color shifts,” even at lower doses. At higher doses, Thrasher can blast you off the planet, while still leaving your mind and cognitive processes clear and unhindered.

Thrasher PR shroom strain

APPEARANCE | The thicker stems and smaller caps give this psilocybe a slight resemblance to a penis, with the story being told that the name comes from the shroom being compared to a β€œdonkey dong.” Stems bruise blue when picked or damaged, a sure sign of high psilocybin content when you’re looking for shrooms to buy.

DURATION |  Although quite a bit more potent than many magic mushrooms, the Thrasher PE follows the same general timeline as its less-potent cousins. When you buy shrooms and then eat them, they tend to come up between 40 and 60 minutes after consumption. Trips last between 5 – 8 hours.

DOSE | Dosages can vary even within different members of the same strain. Thrasher PE, due to its origins in a laboratory, is a more stable variant, and is generally more intense than most other cubes. As a result, even the most experienced of psychonauts will want to start low with this strain. If this is the strain you choose when you order magic mushrooms online, be cautious.


  • Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women or children. Antidepressants appear to reduce the effect of psilocybin in some people.  Note: the potency of individual mushrooms can vary remarkably, even within members of the same species. No dose will be exactly the same, even when the amounts are measured very carefully.
  • Keep psilocybin mushrooms in a cool, dark place: Exposure to light and heat can accelerate the degradation of psilocybin. Store your mushrooms in an airtight container in a cool, dark place like a refrigerator.



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