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Unveil the ethereal allure of the Ghost psychedelic mushroom strain in this informative article, delving into its unique characteristics and potential for otherworldly psychedelic experiences that make it a captivating subject for exploration.

True Albino Teacher (TAT), a mighty magic mushroom

STRAIN | Ghost aka Ghost True Albino Golden Teacher aka True Albino Teacher aka TAT

The Ghost mushroom, called “Ghost True Albino Golden Teacher,” is a rare and powerful variety of P. cubensis. Called by many a “particularly beautiful” variety of psilocybe, the caps sport slight ripples along the edges, and the stems and caps bruise a metallic blue when touched, a testament to their high potency. 

SPECIES | Psilocybe cubensis

ORIGIN | The Ghost strain was derived from another strain sometime in the last ten years. An attempt to stabilize and isolate “a few albino golden teachers” resulted in the True Albino Teacher strain. Ghost is a further mutation of this strain, which was recognized early on and isolated into its P. cubensis strain.

POTENCY | While Ghost mushrooms tend to produce some of the “usual” effects of psychedelic mushrooms, they are reportedly more potent than some other strains. The effects last about 6 – 8 hours and are described as “incredibly introspective” and “incredibly strong.” Even seasoned trippers note that a medium dose of this tiny fungus can be a “life-changing” experience.

EFFECTS | Ghost acts similarly to other psilocybin-containing mushrooms at lower doses. Micro through Moderate doses are considered recreational and will produce enhanced bodily sensation and some closed-eye visuals. Feelings of euphoria and connectedness, common with most psychedelic mushrooms, are present at these dosage levels. Strong or Heroic doses of this potent mushroom can create intense open- and closed-eye visuals and the dissolution of ego – this is the experience of “becoming one” with things that many psychonauts report. When a review calls an experience “life-changing,” ego death is the beginning of such an experience.

APPEARANCE | These tiny white mushrooms are described by many as the cutest little psychedelic fungi ever! Derived from the True Albino strain, Ghosts have small, bowling pin-shaped stems with gently-frilled skirts around the cap. Some reviewers describe the caps as looking similar to bottle caps. The caps and stems bruise a deep metallic blue when picked or touched.

DURATION | As with most psilocybin-containing mushrooms, the onset of a trip takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Make sure to give yourself time to come up with a dose before taking more – this is one of the most common mistakes for beginning psychonauts. The Ghost offers a 6 – 8 hour trip. With a powerfully-introspective strain like Ghost, however, integration work afterward can take a much longer.

DOSE | The Ghost strain is considered one of the most powerful psychedelic mushroom strains isolated in recent years. If you are a beginning user, it’s recommended that you start with something less-powerful or keep yourself to Micro and Light doses. Once you delve into Moderate to Heroic doses of Ghost, the intensity of the trip and its revelations may well be a bit much for a novice psychonaut.

INTENTION | Low and microdoses will offer some heightened energy and are generally treated recreationally. However, the Ghost magic mushroom becomes far more useful as an introspective tool at higher doses. Doing shadow work can certainly be an intention you can bring into a journey with Ghost. Shadow work refers to exploring and integrating the unconscious or repressed aspects of oneself. It is a psychological term popularized by the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung.


  • Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and children. Consult with your doctor if you’re taking antidepressants including SNRI’s, which actually appear to reduce the effect of psychedelics and have been reported to impact how each dose affects you. Note: the potency of individual mushrooms can vary remarkably, even within members of the same species. No dose is going to be exactly the same, even when the amounts are measured very carefully.
  • A tendency to harshly judge others
  • Pointing out one’s own insecurities as flaws in another.
  •  Frequently playing the ‘victim’ of every situation.



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