A Podcast for Women Exploring Psychedelics for Mental Wellness and Health

The High Guide is a podcast hosted by April Pride which explores content for women with open and curious minds about changing their lives with cannabis and psychedelics. The High Guide Podcast has over 80 informative episodes on Psilocybin (“shroom”) Psychedelic Mushrooms, Cannabis, and Ketamine.  You can listen to the podcast episodes with your favorite podcast app, including The High Guide Podcast on Spotify or Youtube.

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Unveil the transformative power of Magic Mushrooms as we delve into their profound impact on women’s mental health. Discover how these natural psychedelics can offer therapeutic benefits, fostering emotional resilience and inner balance. Explore the science-backed insights that make Magic Mushrooms a potential ally on the journey to improved mental wellbeing.

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Embark on a holistic journey through the mental health benefits of Cannabis for women. Navigate the intricate relationship between cannabinoids and emotional balance, understanding how Cannabis can play a pivotal role in stress reduction, relaxation, and overall mental wellness. Unlock the potential of this plant medicine in fostering a healthier mind.

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Elevate your emotional wellness with a deep dive into the therapeutic effects of Ketamine. Uncover the unique ways in which this psychedelic substance may positively influence the mental health of women. From alleviating anxiety to promoting emotional healing, explore the promising aspects of incorporating Ketamine into holistic wellbeing practices.

April Pride, Host of the High Guide Podcast

April Pride, host of The High Guide Podcast

Like a lot of us, I started off in one direction —interiors and fashion— and then found myself pulled elsewhere.

In 2015, one of my design clients suggested I develop a cannabis lifestyle brand, and just like that: I was hooked on helping women discover health and happiness via the crown jewel of the Cannabaceae family. 

Still and always, I love beautiful things with deep intentions and thoughtful design. Mies van der Rohe is a major hero; his less is more ethos informed my first brand, Van der Pop, which I sold in 2017. 

My ideas about form, function, and meaning are applied to normalizing cannabis, improving our industry’s gender and race inequities, and the all important act of having a radical good time.

For a serial creative entrepreneur, cannabis is a once in a lifetime chance to make the rules. While also breaking a few.

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